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Greens Mesclun Mix, Cold hardy/ Spicy

  • Cold hardy, quick to grow and delicious! This mix can be grown for young salad greens or braising greens in spring and fall. Spicy, flavourful greens perfect for salads, sandwiches and more.

    Mix includes: Arugula, Red Russian Kale, Golden Frills Mustard, Ruby Streaks Mustard, Bok Choy and Curly Cress.

    21 days baby greens, 40 days to bunching size


    Growing Information

    For baby greens:  approx. 60 seeds/ft in rows spaced 2-3" apart

    For bunching greens- direct seed or transplant plants 8-12" apart

    Mustard greens are cold tolerant and can be sown starting early spring (late April/early May). They may be quick to bolt or be very spicy if planted in the heat of summer. Fall plantings can also be done starting in August.